The process is simple, light touch and works around your timescales.


The scope of the work and the associated time/cost is decided up front. All work is done to fixed costs, agreed in advance.


The initial information gathering is done online, via a simple 5 minute questionnaire designed to identify which of the critical controls you have in place and the way you have implemented them. 

Follow up

Once the initial information has been gathered, a follow up meeting or call can be arranged to provide further information to any remaining questions. This will complete the information gathering needed to complete the report.


The output is an easy to read, understandable and actionable report. An example of our reporting is shown in the gallery below.


Using the information provided, we provide a summary overview of the current cyber security controls in place and the effectiveness of these controls as they are currently implemented.

Risk Levels

We provide you a simple view on the current cyber security risks your business face from three perspectives. 

  • Malicious external actor
  • Malicious/careless internal actor
  • Data loss via third party companies & platforms

We provide simple, actionable advice to reduce these risks using non-technical, business focused language. Our projects look at how you can reduce risk now and how to scale these projects in the future to keep the risk low as your business grows.


Whilst the exact cost is determined in advance by the project scope, the recommended initial project is normally a few days. This will provide a benchmark against the 10 most critical controls and review existing written  policies and procedures. 

This can provide the initial set of work for a company to tackle the highest priority risks over the coming 3 to 6 months.