Don't be caught unprepared

Cyber security isn’t just for large enterprise organisations. Everyone from startups and small business can have low cost, effective cyber security strategies keep them safe from a wide range of threats.

Understand the threats

With everyone from spies to criminals conducting attacks, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. By talking to you about your business, we can help you understand what are the threats that are most relevant to your business.

Take control

Once you understand who you want to keep out, we work with you to embed basic, low cost, but highly effective security controls into your organisation, focused on mitigating the highest threats.

Grow securely

We help you understand the security implications of the day-to-day decisions your company faces, empowering you to grow your business in a secure yet flexible manner.

Security for small businesses

Aedile Consulting focuses on delivery right-sized, low-cost guidance to startups and small companies. We won’t sell you expensive technologies, or long term contracts. Instead, we allow your small company to use it’s size as an advantage and do things big enterprises can’t do.

Falling at the first hurdle

The majority of cyber attacks faced by all organisations, large and small, are unsophisticated and simplistic. Yet it is these basic attacks which continue to bypass defences and plague enterprises.

Back to basics

The key to stopping or minimising cyber attacks comes from doing a small number of basic controls, to a high standard across your company. These controls, properly embedded and maintained are effective at stopping over 85% of most cyber attacks.

We can help you understand the most critical controls for your business, and the appropriate level at which to implement them.

For more detailed advice on effective controls, the Australian goverment publish one of the best guides available. It can be found here

Building blocks

At Aedile we do things differently. Our engagements are broken down into bite-size, affordable pieces of work. This ensures that you are always focused on the highest priority work and avoid racking up huge bills on unnecessarily large projects.

For most small companies, an initial controls review can be done in just a few days, giving you an overall understand on your cyber security risks and key recommendations for improvements.

Our Services

Training & Awareness

On-site face to face training and awareness briefings tailored to the audience in question. From employee awareness to presentations to the board.

Risk Based Security

Work with you to implement the essential cyber security controls you need, to counter the threats your business face.

Cyber Essentials

Get accredited for Cyber Essentials, showing you are protected from 80% of all cyber attacks.

Here to help

We can help you understand the cyber risk your business faces, both now and in the future and empower you to make decisions that will allow you the flexibility to grow your business in a secure fashion.